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February 4, 2017

Young sexy teen  Zelda Morrison takes huge anal plugs up her ass while her boyfriend was playing a joke. The two prankster teens are always doing fucked up shit to one another. Like when Zelda whip creamed him while he was sleeping. The he retaliated by grabbing her thong and giving her a wedgy . So the Zelda shook up his energy drink before handing it to him. In an attempt to one up her, he puts a huge butt plug on her chair and calls her down to dinner. He is astonished when she sits right down on it and acts like nothing happened. That’s when he learns how much of a total freak Zelda is and that she loves things getting stuffed up her ass. Upon learning this new information he he bends her over for a good bang. She enjoys taking his big dick up her tight butt.

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