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February 2, 2017

Tight ass slutty chick Alana Summers gets gets some Poop Hole Passion from her congregation advisors meat stick. she is in trouble and has to do bible study with a nerdy lame ass dude. However she just wants to watch porn while he reads boring stuff about the word of god. So she decides to make things a little more interesting. Her books fall off the couch and she bends over to get them. However, she makes sure that her skirt rises up while shes bending over. The nerd gets excited when he sees that shes not wearing panties and has a butt plug shoved in her ass. He then pulls his dick out and stuffs it into her mouth. She gets his dick moist before putting it up her ass. He has never even seen a hot naked chick before and now he is balls deep up her butt.

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