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July 23, 2017

Have you ever gone outside and found a sexy girl you don’t know just swimming in your pool. Well that’s exactly what happened to this lucky fella and the he gave her some hard anal sex. Stepping outside for a smoke the guy was startled to find a gorgeous chick floating around in the pool. However, upon closer inspection he realizes that she is a mermaid. The heavenly creature then beckons him into the water. Strangely he is totally unable to resist and walks into the water.  this mythic girls is very horny. She pulls out his cock and starts sucking on him under the water. It’s the best blowjob that he has ever experienced and he needs to have more of her.

She Turns Human and Takes It In The Ass

He lures her to the stairs while kissing her the entire time. She tries to climb up but she has no feet only a tail. So he pulls her out of the water because he wants a better look at her. That’s when she magically turns into a human. Well shit, he doesn’t waste any time scooping her up while carrying her into the house. Once they are indoors she lets him shove his cock deep into her ass. After her butt loosens up a bit she receives some hard anal from him and his huge dick. It’s not everyday that guy gets to anal fuck a hot mermaid and I’m freaking jealous.


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