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Ana Foxxx Gets Her Ebony Ass Fucked

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October 13, 2016

Ana Foxxx gets her ebony ass fucked by James Deen’s Big White Cock while enjoying the ride. Ana is super horny and feeling naughty she is going to be sure that she gets James’s Dick in her ass. She approaches him slowly wearing next to nothing after all her clothes will be missing soon anyway. She sits on James’s lap and he slowly strokes her black hair and kisses her neck taking it slow rather than rushing a good experience. Ana then climbs onto the table and faces the mirror while rubbing her moist pussy. She is giving James one hell of a show. As much as he is trying to play it cool he’s ready to stretch her holes! She flips over to give James a better view because she wants her perfect curvy butt fucked good.

Ana Is Gonna Get Her Ebony Ass Fucked By All Means

James can’t take it any longer and walks over to massage her natural small tits while kissing her eagerly. Ana gets down on her knees and takes James’s Cock into her mouth and then taking it in all the way to his balls. He throws Ana down and starts slowly fucking her pussy while fingering her ass. She then climbs on top of James and gets her ebony ass fucked. She has tears coming out of her eyes because it is a bit painful yet she certainly finds it enjoyable. James continues to stretch Ana’s tight holes . Finally James pulls it out of her and blows a significantly large load of jizz all over Ana’s stomach and tits. And that was the story of Ana Foxxx getting her chocolate colored butt fucked by James Deen’s big white cock.

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