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February 27, 2017

When Adria Rae’s step dad is gonna get her grounded she decides to con him with anal not to tell. Adria might not be able to attend a party when her step dad gives her mom her report card. She brigs him not to show her mom but he says he has to. If he doesn’t and her mom finds out then it will cause problems for him. Adria says she sees him always checking her out and says what about if she sucks his dick. When he says that’s not gonna cut it she makes another proposal. She tells him she will let him fuck her in the ass and she’s never let anyone do that before. He can’t pass this up because she is way to hot with her perfect round ass and small firm titties. She sucks his cock to lube it up and he forces it up in to her tight virgin ass. Then he picks up speed and really bores her tight butthole out. Adria actually enjoys it and cums a few times before daddy blows his load all over her sexy face.

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