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July 1, 2017

Dana Vespoli is one sexy MILF and her perfect Asian ass is driving James Deen insane. James comes in from his business trip to find her in a corset and half naked. He has a thing for hot girls that are down to fuck and this babe is always frisky. Not to mention the fact that she is a total anal slut who likes boys and girls. She gets all up on James’s dick the minute he walks through the door. Dana knew that hew was coming home and she was prepared because she needs her holes filled.

Asian Ass Pleasure

He grabs a hold of her curvy booty while she works a freeing his dick from his trousers . As soon as she has his hardening prick out she stuffs it in her mouth. This brings James instant satisfaction because her warm wet mouth feels amazing. she is such a freak that she spits on her own neck while neck fucking herself with his dick. He sure is lucky to have such a naughty slut to play with and he defiantly uses her in anyway he can. After what seems like some never ending tongue play in each others mouths they are ready to get more hardcore. The begin by giving in to their foot fetish. Both of them lay on their backs while sucking on each others toes. Dana then jerks James off with her feet while he stuffs his toes into her nicely trimmed pussy.

Let The Anal Sex Commence

After Dana Vespoli sucks on James cock and balls till he his rock hard, James is ready to fuck her beautiful Asian ass until he cums. He grabs her by her hair while forcing her down onto the couch. Now that James has her laying on her stomach he gets into position to penetrate her ass. Dana’s face shows both pleasure and pain while he first pushes his dick into her butt. After a few strokes her butt-hole loosens up and Dana is ready for some hard ass sex. She climbs on top and rides his big dick in her ass reverse cowgirl style.


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