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October 5, 2016

Angel walks into the gym where her fuck toy guy is working out but she’s in her birthday suit. She does a little nude working out. However she is more concerned with watching her man while having a masturbation session. Her boy toy gets aroused and comes to giver her some attention. He licks her sweet shaved pussy and sticks his fingers in her tight anal hole. Danny jams his fingers deep into Angels brown eye while equally paying attention to tonguing her clit. While fingering her tight anal cavity Danny stops and actually pulls Angels tight little asshole open. Then shoving 4 fingers in Angels ass this freaky little blonde is loving it! Angels pussy is actually getting wet from the deep anal finger banging and she starts to moan.

Angel smalls Finally Gets Her Hole Filled

Though angels loves Danny’s Fingers in her ass of course but now she wants his dick buried in her asshole. Danny sits on Angels gaping ass to keep it lubed and the smacks her tiny pussy. Now Danny is done with the foreplay he jams his cock in angels mouth so hard she chokes. Laughing Danny does no care instead he forcefully continues ramming his massive rod down Angels through. Choking and gagging Angel backs off cause she just can’t take all of his dick down her throat. Danny then shoves his huge cock deep into angel Smalls awaiting butt hole. Angel has trouble taking all of Danny’s big cock in her tiny asshole but she lets him keep shoving it in. Wow Danny shoots his load all over Angel. Good thing cause angels tiny poop box couldn’t take it anymore!

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