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July 16, 2017

Adrianna Chechik and her stepmother Dana Vespoli are two hot and horny anal sluts. Adrianna is try very hard to get along with his fathers new wife because she wants to keep the family peaceful. However, Dana is also a mentally delusional psyche patient. Dana is always imagining strange things about Adrianna and she is generally distrustful of the younger girl. Yet Dana has taken to having sexual day dreams involving her and Adrianna. In her fantasies the two beautiful woman engage in some really naughty girl on girl sex. Dana is off of her medication and things that Adrianna wants to have sex with her horse. What a nut case she is! Though, Adrianna has been checking out her sexy MILF stepmom while she’s not looking.

The Anal Sluts Release Their Inner Whore

Dana in her delusional state accuses Adrianna of beastiality . Adrianna is appalled  by the accusation and tries to remain calm while listing to Dana’s nonsense. Dana decides to punish the younger girl with some rough ass sex.  What Dana doesn’t know though is that Adrianna is totally into butt sex. Adrianna is also down to fuck her hot mom even though she is a bit off balance in the head. Dana enters the room with a few unusual props and toys. See what her naughty step-mom brought in makes Adrianna’s pussy get wet.

The Ass Fucking Begins

Dana puts a saddle on to Adrianna’s back so that she can ride her. However, the games are just starting as these two naughty anal sluts start playing out their fantasies. After Dana bounces on Adrianna like she’s a bronco she plays with Adrianna’s ass. One of the toys Dana brought into the room was a carrot. Can you guess where it’s going? Yep Dana shoves the carrot up her step daughters ass and the watches as she makes the younger girl eat it. Next Dana forces a gigantic rubber dildo up Adrianna’s butt. Adrianna loved the huge toy up her ass and rides it while Danna holds it on her pussy. These hot lesbian girls are sure into some very kinky stuff.

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