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May 21, 2017

Sexy red headed Alexa Nova is craving a hard cock stuffed into all of her holes. So she invites James Deen over and he gets the idea to try and talk her into making an anal movie. What he doesn’t know is that she is only asking him to come over because she wants his dick. He certainly doesn’t mind and it’s a good thing he brought the go pro. With Alexa being such an anal slut and all they can both get something out of this little hook up. She is all over him as soon as he arrives but he is cool with that because he always likes filling her tight holes.

Amateur Anal Movie Time

He wastes no time getting her out of her clothes. With her toned legs and firm thick ass bare he slaps at her sculpted butt. Then he grabs her by her silky red hair while planting hard kisses to her soft mouth. With the portable cam rolling he bends her over and inserts his man hood into her warm wet pussy. Her thick ass is laid open before him as he goes balls deep into her vagina. They then decide to move to the bed where she climbs on top of him.

Watching Anal In The Mirror

She is watching her own anal movie as it’s being filmed live in her closet mirror. They are both on the bed but both facing the glass to watch themselves as they fuck. As they grow tired of fucking on the bed they move to the floor in order to have more room. Alexa’s small perky tits are can now be seen much clearer as they are closer to the reflective-glass. He pulls out of her pussy to plant his rod deep into her thick ass and she begins to bounce up and down.

A Nice Ass View

He then bends her over to fuck her ass doggy style. She cranes her neck around to continue watching the anal movie that they are filming. He pumps into her curvy thick ass and then pulls out to look at her anal gape. Then he repeats his actions while they both look at her gaping butt hole. They continue this anal sex game for some time. However, all good things must come to an end. They become tired of the doggy position and decide to switch up.

Masturbation With a side Of Vaginal Queefing

James takes control of the camera because he wants some close ups of her killer booty. She lays on the floor on her stomach. Now she reaches back between her legs while rubbing her clit. He films her curvy rump as she continues her masturbation. She cums with a loud cry of pleasure then spreads her vaginal lips open for the cam. Alexa Nova is full of air and queefs loudly several times while they laugh about it. She makes sure to keep her pink slip pulled open wide to give a better view the whole time.

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