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October 5, 2016

Beautiful young brunette escort Alice March shows up at a new clients house despite not knowing what to expect. Her client Mitch immediately takes charge and she likes this and she hopes he is into anal because Alice loves anal sex. Mitch tells Alice to get naked and then whips her perfectly shaved pussy over and over stimulating her arousal. Alice then takes Mitch’s hardening cock into her mouth and sucks it expertly. Mitch is surprised by how hard and ready his cock got so quickly with Alice’s dick sucking technique. Alice continues to slurp Mitch’s engorged penis into her mouth taking him in all the way to his balls. Mitch enjoys spanking Alice’s ass and shaved pussy spanked by Mitch as she blows him. Alice still keeps hoping he will take her in the ass because Alice likes butt sex more than anything.

Now Mitch Gives It To Her

Mitch buries Alice’s tight shaved pussy in his face and licks her clit while she moans in pleasure. Continuing to lick Alice’s tight little pussy and clit Mitch moves lower to lick Alice’s asshole. This further turns Alice on because Alice loves anal and getting her ass licked. Then it happens Mitch flips Alice over and shoves his fat dick deep in her ass. Alice is in a euphoric state of lust since Alice loves anal and this is the perfect mixture of pleasure and pain. Alice feels the need to cum as Mitch pumps her tight ass. Mitch turns over with Alice’s ass still impaled on his dick and makes her ride his cock. Alice bounces up and down with the dick going deeper and deeper into her ass while her tight pussy gaps. Mitch is about to cum but Alice already creamed on his dick! Such a Slut!

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